The Rise & Rise of éS.

With the éS Takedown℠ starting today we perhaps foolishly thought what better time to ask the admin for his top 5 éS of All Time. éS is back following its 2014 Relaunch and the brand is frankly dripping with history.  Having perhaps gone full circle the brand is defiantly making its presence know. A super rich back catalogue and historically one of the strongest teams going make this a legacy well defined within skate & sneaker culture. An athletically inspired design ethos led to some of the most classic shoes ever made and this is still alive today. Last season gave us the re-released Scheme and this season is no disappointment. The Symbol takes centre stage with three colour way available this weekend, this is backed up with a very limited matching suit – Track Pants and polo which are only available exclusively in-store this weekend. The limited edition Accel Bodega Edition & Plus x Muckmouth are also on available sitting alongside two real stand out Silo Colours. If this wasn’t enough we also have an exclusive 10% discount off code this weekend – Not only on éS but across the whole store – Ain’t we nice. You can pick up the code either via our Instagram or if you wish you can slip to the end of the somewhat controversial top 5 below – Enjoy your weekend

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Behold in its glory – The sole.lo℠ admin top 5 ever.

NO.5 eS x Crooked Tongues Foothill Project.

Odd choice this one yes but unlike a lot of Collabs this was a ground up model. The once mighty Crooked Tongues teamed up with eS in 1999 for this full capsule collection. Yes you could argue its not a proper skate shoe but slap on an ACG logo on the side of this beauty and no one would blink twice. The Double system 02 unit really stands out, something that is sadly missing from most current skate shoes.

NO.4 eS Vireo



1999 was clearly a vintage. I loved this model the first time around and don’t think it has lost any of its flair. At lot of eS at the time utilised the System 02 and this model just did it right. The top down was pretty aggressive if I remember right – Like a pair of F14 Tomcats for your feet. Could have called them Maverick but a cease and desist would have followed pretty quickly.

NO.3 Koston 2


There had to be one and in this case its two. Already I can hear the some feathers being truly ruffled. No number 1 (The Navy | Gum being a real stand out), 3 or even one of my personal favourites if again a little unloved – The 5. No matter any argument, this is a stone cold classic. This colour way was one of the highlights and there was also a Mono Black model that much like the design was well ahead of the game. IMO this is Koston’s finest moment, an equivalent Jordan 1 of Skateboarding if there wasn’t already a Jordan 1 in Skateboarding.

NO. 2 Sal 23




Grand Daddy Mr eS himself and no list would be complete without the don (no pun). Originally an Etnies pro clearly Sal had seen the light and didn’t look back. I still have an OG pair with the embroidered 23 and I loved skating in these. Sal himself reportedly oversaw every aspect of the Athletic design. The 23 was a nod to the ‘Jumpman’ Michael Jordon and pretty much every colour way killed it. The Pure black and the White with Black sole were two stand outs IMO. The silhouette just nailed it and its timeless aesthetic recently enjoyed a re-release.

NO. 1 Muska



Their can only be one and it’s the Muska on top. Honestly the above colour way isn’t the best IMO but a decent pic of the Classic Navy | White eluded me. There was very little that chad could do wrong at the start of his career, yes getting kicked of Toy Machine on the night of Welcome to Hell premier wasn’t the best of moves.  This shoe and the whole buzz around him was one of Skateboard cultures stand out moments. His whole look just suited these kicks down to the ground, stash pocket included. They were just dope and the shoe killed the market. Some could argue he would go on to produce finer products under C1CRA buts thats for another blog. I loved being a skater at this time, it really was a golden era and I loved this shoe. I vaguely remember (it was a while ago) skating these with a Ricky Oyola Deck thinking I was all Brooklyn and that – Sadly the truth was I was much closer to the Braniel.


No Accel I hear and yes thats right no Accel – Probably the the best known longest running model at 15 years deep. A choice had to be made and it was a personal one – this is a Blog after all. Honorary mentions of course to the afore mentioned, Penny, Creager and the OG Scheme. So thats a rap you pigeons but in the meantime if you managed to get this far you can have a secret 15% off the whole store on us | The regular instagrammers won’t know about it.  Valid until 27|10|18 at 10pm


– Until the next time. The Admin